About Us

Providing quality officiating to all levels of lacrosse in the First State since 1989.

The Delaware Lacrosse Officials Association was started prior to 1989 by Doctor Bob Schweitzer. Dr. Schweitzer started the association in response to the rapidly growing lacrosse community in the state. In 1989, the DLOA consisted of a handful of officials that were either transplanted lacrosse players from near by states, or recruited fathers of high school players. As more and more high schools began to add boy’s lacrosse to their sports programs, the DLOA needed to add more officials to travel the state and officiate the game of lacrosse. In its infancy, the DLOA covered 5, then 16, then 20 high schools from Cape Henlopen to Delcastle. Today the DLOA officiates 44 high school programs and 10 middle school programs. The number of officials in our association has exploded over the last few years to meet the demands of the growing lacrosse community. Currently, we have 65 active members, and 6 inactive member. This year we have adopted the training standards of US Lacrosse and our officials have dedicated themselves to improving and staying on the cutting edge of The Creator’s Game.