DLOA Uniform Requirements

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DLOA Uniform Requirements

All Officials on a game must be dressed the same. Uniform for the day is decided by the Referee on the crew with input from partners. All Uniform Shirts must have an American Flag over the Pocket on the Left Breast. Follow "Scholastic Column" in DLOA Uniform Check list below. See below for specific requirements.

  • DLOA Uniform Checklist

    • The policy follows NFHS Rule 2.5.2. As an association we have adopted the black shorts with the short black socks that cover the ankles. The key is that all officials in the crew are dressed the same

    • Patches-The only required patch is the US Flag. You can, at your discretion, wear a DIAA patch, a DLOA patch or a patch from an association of which you are a current active member.

    • If you need to wear compression sleeves or socks they must be skin-toned if visible

    • Facial hair is acceptable but must be neatly trimmed. Hair (if you have it) should be neatly trimmed and fit inside your hat.

  • Shorts should be "tennis" or "golf"style shorts with 4 pockets and Belt Loops. No Cargo or Gym Shorts.

    • As long all officials have and wear one, black Jackets are permitted (assuming neither team is wearing black). They must be all black with minimal logos. An association patch is encouraged. Jackets can only be worn while working games if long pants are also worn. You can “walk-up” to games with Jackets and short pants

  • Possible Uniform Combinations

    • Short Pants With Short Sleeve Striped Shirt

    • Short Pants with Long Sleeved Striped Shirt

    • Long Pants with Long Sleeved Striped Shirt

      • Everybody must look the same.

        • There is no combination that includes Short Sleeved Striped Shirt with Long Sleeve Undershirt!!

  • Our Official supplier is Kevin Hawkins (302) 588-4877 Hawkfieldjudge@yahoo.com. Kevin lives in Dover and works at Christiana Hospital. He has everything you need to be properly dressed and equipped for the season